update notes August 13th, 2017 update notes

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version 1.5


Our ultra sexy schoolgirl sim just got sexier! 1.5 brings two new gameplay modes, including an infinite "Super Spanky" mode, along with the new Jade Trophy to strive for. Unlock the new trophy and get a private spanking session with the Headmistress herself! Also added sexy sounds and animations to the "front" spanking... if you know what I mean.

More news on Spacegirlz Finale soon, and we'll be doing a sexy NSFW sequel to Spank 18 entitled Swim Coach... stay tuned!


Spank 18:

- Added Short Fuse unlockable game mode.

- Added Super Spanky unlockable game mode

- Added Jade Trophy ending

- Added Jade Trophy classroom decoration

- Added bonus Headmistress spanking scene

- Added new animations and sounds for "front" spanking

- Added BACK buttons for all spanking scenes, allowing you to cut them short and continue playing.

- Fixed numerous gameplay and code bugs.


















































































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