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Busty Box 2: The pressure is building... Our Busty Box 2 comix Issue #1 is officially finished, THIRTY pages strong, and this leads us into the first match with big bad beautiful Zoee.

We introduce the sexy blue genie who will be helping Sam's bro with his training. When the game is ready there will be training sessions and tutorials, along with a BREAST TEST training game where Sam's bro can practice his punches on the sexy blue genie's knockers, to test his strength for the real fights! Stay tuned for a LOT more content very soon!




Busty Box 2 Match 1, Apartment HQ, and Blue Genie Training Games coming very soon!

UP NEXT we'll be previewing Busty Box 2 Skill Trees. We'll show you how points work, and new moves those points can unlock, along with explaining in detail Bro's boxing stats and how they affect his chances to win!




















































































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