update notes March 13th, 2018 update notes

(Video is compressed for web, actual game is larger screen and smoother animations)

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Busty Box 2!

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Busty Box 2 kicks off: Check out your HQ apartment base of operations, and all the perks! Then spend your skillpoints (earn a few more by training against the genie's fabulous boobs!) and take on Zoee in your first official match! You'll want to win and lose as Bro AND play as Zoee to get all the endings. Add her to your harem and go to town with her... Not to mention a ton of sexy bonus scenes featuring Bro vs. Genie... TONS more content very soon, the big push is over!

Stay tuned for the next matchup coming very soon...

Kressi's Match is queued up and will be launching soon, along with more COMIX!




Busty Box 2 - 1.05

- HQ: added numbers to the Genie Favor menu so you can see how much is required to unlock each tier.

- HQ: Harem: added a new page of the girl defeated, along with her message to you for having beaten her...

- Harem: Zoee: fixed the Dance button so it should properly light up and be available when you have unlocked Zoee's dance.

- Fight vs. Zoee: Kick his ass mode: Sam's Bro has been fixed so he will quickly go for a knockdown when Zoee has zero health.

Busty Box 2 - 1.0

- Apartment HQ

- Training vs. Genie

- Harem installed (unlock Zoee)

- Skills builder

- Match vs. Zoee

- Sexy bonus Genie scenes, unlockable by impressing the Genie!



















































































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